A House Wren at My House

House wrens are adorable little birds. When my husband and I bought our house, the previous owner left the little birdhouse right outside my kitchen window. In the six or so years we’ve lived here, I’ve yet to see it occupied. So I got really excited when I did finally see a bird checking it out. The photos may not be best as I was shooting through my screened kitchen window, but I was more interested in recording it for posterity anyway :p


This is the view of the birdhouse from my kitchen window. It’s a little worn, but still intact and sturdy. But until I saw the house wren checking things out, I hadn’t seen any birds show much of an interest in it. I can’t tell you much about birdhouses, but I do know that different types and sizes attract different species. I’ll probably have a post on that later since I plan on adding a few around my yard either this or next summer (basically whenever I get time for it :p).

House Wren

These are tiny, cute little birds! They’re only 5 inches from bill tip to tail tip. A lot of times they’ll hold their tail just about straight up while sitting. Telling males and females apart is next to impossible since they look the same, but I suspect this one is a male because they’re the ones who bring supplies to a couple of nest locations to attract females. And that’s exactly what he was doing while I watched him.

Singing House Wren

While they seem to have decided not to move in, and I haven’t seen any other house wrens around the birdhouse lately, they’re still fun to watch when they show up elsewhere in the yard. They’re such cute, tiny little birds 🙂


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