Lorikeets at Nicholas Conservatory

Last month was the final month to visit the “Wings of Wonder” exhibit at Nicholas Conservatory in Rockford, IL where they were featuring lorikeets. They had many of the small birds and allowed guests into the exhibit to interact with them. There was also cups of nectar available to purchase to feed the lorikeets. Thankfully, there was also a sanitation station to clean up at after the birds inevitably did their business on you or a friend :p

I went with my husband and while he fed them nectar, I took lots of pictures of these beautifully colored animals.

Lorikeets at Nicholas Conservatory by Cyrene Krey
In the wild lorikeets prefer forest lowland, mountain forest, plantation, and mangrove habitats in Australia and the South Pacific islands.
Fighting Lorikeets by Cyrene Krey
Lorikeets tend to have long, pointed tails and are typically green with patches of red and yellow but can display a wide variety of coloration.
Lorikeet Bird by Cyrene Krey
They are nectar-feeding birds known for their bright colors, playful personalities, and mimicry skills.
Group of Lorikeets by Cyrene Krey
Flocks of lorikeets can be exceptionally large, sometimes numbering in the thousands.
Lorikeets on a Branch by Cyrene Krey
Birds of prey and snakes are common predators of lorikeets, which they avoid by hiding out in treetops and maintaining large flocks to warn each other of danger.
Singing Lorikeet by Cyrene Krey
These guys eat mostly flowers, pollen, and nectar with a brush-like tongue that is designed for gathering nectar and pollen and a bill designed for crushing flowers.
Posing Lorikeet by Cyrene Krey
These are some loud birds! Especially in groups!

The lorikeet exhibit may have been temporary, but the conservatory is still a beautiful place to visit year-round. After spending time with the birds, we walked around the rest of the conservatory and admired the wide variety of tropical plant life on display as well as everything else the conservatory had to offer.

Colorful Plant at Nicholas Conservatory by Cyrene Krey
Nicholas Conservatory “brings the tropics to the Midwest.”
Fish at Nicholas Conservatory by Cyrene Krey
The Eclipse Lagoon contains two fountains and a waterfall and is home to lots of beautiful fish!
Ripples by Cyrene Krey
It’s a great place to take kids to learn about tropical plants or to hang out for a few hours on your own. It’s very beautiful and on the quieter days is very relaxing.
Head Planters by Cyrene Krey
Interesting head planters at Nicholas Conservatory. (c) Cyrene Krey
Interesting Plant at Nicholas Conservatory by Cyrene Krey
One of the colorful tropical plants at Nicholas Conservatory. (c) Cyrene Krey

I don’t make it a practice to sell photos from locations that charge some sort of entry. So these photos won’t ever be available for sale. Since that’s the case, I’d love it if you used them for educational purposes (with credit to both myself and the conservatory). No commercial use though, please. And be sure to support your local conservatory or gardens!


San Diego Animals. Lory & Lorikeet.

Nicholas Conservatory.


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