Updated Website! (finally ;p)

I know I said I’d get these updates done a while ago (quite a while ago), but I seriously underestimated how busy I would be with school. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re busy graduating a year early. Yup, you heard that right…a year early…and I’m done! I now have a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Fish and Wildlife Management. I couldn’t be happier! Now that I’m done with school (at least until grad school), I’ve been getting things caught up. Including my website. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to go check out Wildlife by Cyrene! It’s got a brand new background, but the same simple to navigate layout.

I’ve also updated the galleries. You can go and check out some of what I think are my best photos of 2015. Everything in the galleries on the site is also available for sale. I keep my prices really low because I want everyone to be able to afford beautiful wildlife art. All of my galleries are available for a limited time only though, so be sure to check them out soon.

I also now have the photos up from my eagle observation trip last year. So those are now all available for viewing and purchase. There are more photos on my site than I included in my blog post, so you’ll definitely want to take a look.

I also added a gallery from my Earth Day nature walk. Again, there are extra photos on the website that you won’t see in my blog post. All of the photos are available for purchase for a limited time. Or you can just go look at them too without buying anything 🙂

And the final gallery I included was for my brown pelican photos. These were taken during my four day trip to Florida last spring.

Each of these albums with be replaced periodically, so go check them out now while they’re still available. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be replacing them with some of my lifetime favorites and the photos from my trip to Devil’s Lake. Be on the lookout for that!

Since this is a photography blog, I can’t very well leave you without some pretty pictures to look at! Here are some shots I took last month for a project I’m working on (more information on that later). Enjoy!

A leaf covered in recent snowfall. (c) Cyrene Krey
Snow filled forest. (c) Cyrene Krey
Reflections and snowfall. (c) Cyrene Krey
A prairie in snow.
A prairie tree. (c) Cyrene Krey
Fall leaves covered in recent snowfall.
Prairie plant covered in snow. (c) Cyrene Krey

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