“Hoo” Haven Photos

I’ve mentioned before that I volunteer for a wildlife rehabilitation and education center in Durand, IL called “Hoo” Haven. One of the fun things I occasionally do is take some photos of some of the critters we have there! I thought I’d share a few of my favorites that I’ve taken recently.

Baby Owl at Hoo Haven by Cyrene Krey
One of the baby owls we have at Hoo. Although they’re really cute, we can’t interact with them too much. We don’t let them imprint on us so they’re able to be released. It’s still fun watching how quickly they grow up!
Alvin the Chipmunk by Cyrene Krey
This is Alvin, one of the chipmunks we recently had at “Hoo”. He was released on site with another chipmunk, Simon. We’re still backfeeding these guys. Backfeeding means we still make up plates of food for them and put them near where we set them outside. It allows for a more gradual transition to natural foraging after they’ve been fed by humans over the winter.
Twinkletoes the Crow at Hoo Haven by Cyrene Krey
Twinkletoes is a crow that has to stay at Hoo. He’s missing part of his lower beak. He’s very friendly and very mischievous! He stole my lens cover and I had to play tug of war with him to get it back 🙂

As with all the photos I take at nonprofit organizations, I won’t ever sell prints of these images. However I encourage you to use them non-commercially for awareness and educational purposes. If you do use any of the images, do not alter them in any way and credit both myself (“Photo (c) Cyrene Krey”) and “Hoo” Haven (“Photo taken at “Hoo” Haven in Durand, IL”). Thanks!


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