Baby Bison!

I love visiting Nachusa Grasslands! It’s only about an hour away from me and they’ve introduced bison. The restored prairie habitat is beautiful and I never leave disappointed. I’ll be taking my first winter trip there once the snow starts, but I made sure to head out there during the warmer weather to see how all the bison were doing. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to spy quite a few little ones running around!

Baby Bison by Cyrene Krey

Bison Mom and Baby by Cyrene Krey
Mom kept a very close eye on me while I photographed her and her baby from a safe distance. It’s worth noting that I use a super telephoto lens. I’m able to get shots that look like I’m up close and personal with the animals, but I’m actually far enough to keep everyone safe. Don’t approach wildlife! It’s dangerous for them and for you.
Bison at Nachusa Grasslands by Cyrene Krey
These two playfully butted heads at the watering hole before entering the water together to cool their feet.

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