Beginning tomorrow I’m clearing out some of the less popular photos from my gallery at http://www.cyrenekrey.com. For the remainder of today (Saturday the 15th), you can still get 25% off everything in my gallery with the code 25PERCENT. This includes photos that I won’t be removing! As usual, a portion of everything I sell will be donated to support organizations which support wildlife!

Here are a few of the recent shots I’ve added that you can save 25% on:

Black and White Tree in Rain by Cyrene Krey
A rainy day at Nygren Wetland Preserve. (c) Cyrene Krey
White Bird in Wetlands by Cyrene Krey
A bird during takeoff. (c) Cyrene Krey
Perched Kingfisher with Prey by Cyrene Krey
Kingfisher with fish. (c) Cyrene Krey
White Birds and Blue Skies by Cyrene Krey
White birds and blue skies, all reflected in the water. (c) Cyrene Krey

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