Picture Perfect

I’m busily working on getting photos done from my Dakota Access Pipeline trip (more on that soon!) so for now, here are a few pretty photos from recent months 🙂

Spider with Lunch by Cyrene Krey
A cute little spider with a snack. Her and her friend were hanging around my deck all summer. I photographed them a few times. They’re hiding away now that the temperatures have gone down, but I hope to see them (or their offspring) next year!
Monarch Butterfly by Cyrene Krey
A beautiful monarch butterfly I saw while volunteering cleaning up trails for my local forest preserve district. I haven’t seen one of these beautiful little bugs in the wild since I was a little girl! If you want to see lots of interesting creepy crawlies and other critters, go clean up the trails near you! Good exercise, fresh air and sunlight, and helping wildlife…best of everything 🙂
Blanding's Turtle by Cyrene Krey
This is a Blanding’s turtle (Emydoidea blandingii), an endangered species in some states (and possibly being considered for federal status). I didn’t realize that I’d photographed an endangered animal until I was contacted by a natural resource manager from the area this photo was taken. It was very exciting. Want to know how you can help endangered animals in your area? Keep natural habitats clean of litter. Don’t get too close to wild animals. Plant native plants in your backyard to provide food and shelter for wildlife. Learn about endangered animals in your area and support initiatives that provide habitat and protection for wildlife.