Strutting Crow by Cyrene Krey


I’m finally getting around to properly organizing my mess of photos and it’s had me stumbling on a lot of oldies but goodies. So that’s what today’s post is all about!

Cocky Crow by Cyrene Krey
This cocky little crow mean mugs the camera after stealing the socks from the shoes of an unsuspecting beach-goer.
Strutting Crow by Cyrene Krey
The sock-stealing crow really knew how to capture people’s attention as he strutted around the beach!

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Oldies but Goodies

Since I was busy applying (and being accepted!) to grad school, I didn’t get a lot of time for putting together an awesome blog post for March. Instead, I decided to find a couple neat photos that I don’t think I’ve posted yet to share. Enjoy!

Sunset Beach (c) Cyrene Krey
I’ve been in a very summery mood lately and dying to go to the beach! I took this photo on the beach in Ft. Myers, Florida last year at sunset. (c) Cyrene Krey
Flying Bird at Susnet (c) Cyrene Krey
More beach themes!
Beach Foliage (c) Cyrene Krey
Yet another beach scene 🙂 Given all the cold we’ve been having (and it should be getting warm!), is it really surprising I’m longing for friendlier weather? (c) Cyrene Krey
Bokeh Sunset (c) Cyrene Krey
Okay, something a little more reflective of the current weather. This was taken at Starved Rock State Park last year in winter around sunset. Not quite as “warm” as the other photos, but still a lovely scene!