Wildlife Conservation

Welcome to one of the new projects I’m taking on for Wildlife by Cyrene! One of the reasons I love wildlife photography is that it allows me to show others everything I adore about being outdoors and interacting with, or just observing, the variety of life around me. But with concerns such as dwindling habitat and climate change, more of that variety of life is being lost everyday.

I’ve already been donating a portion of my proceeds to causes that support wildlife. Here I will begin detailing the impact those donations are having as well as other efforts I’m taking to promote wildlife conservation, both professionally and personally. I hope you’ll join me in these efforts and do what you can to protect our wildlife!

You can keep up to date on my volunteer efforts on my website at www.cyrenekrey.com!


09/08/2017. I left to spend almost two weeks in the beautiful Shawnee National Forest of Southern Illinois to explore the famous Snake Road. Twice a year, this road closes to protect migrating reptiles and is most famous for the abundance of snakes that can be found there. It’s a beautiful and unique example of conservation hard at work in the United States.

11/20/2016. I returned this week from a trip to Standing Rock in North Dakota. I traveled up the length of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline route, accompanied by a journalist friend of mine. We began our trip in Patoka, Illinois where the pipeline endpoint is located, traveling through Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, and ended at the camps in North Dakota in the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. Along the way, I photographed natural areas and wildlife that will be impacted by the pipeline and brought a few supplies to the water protectors at the camps. I will be posting updates on my trip over the next few weeks so stay tuned for that!